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21 August 2023

Narimune x Mitutoyo

Mitutoyo Asia Pacific Pte.Ltd "Mitutoyo" and Narimune Techno Engineering (Thailand) Co.,Ltd "NTET" are pleased to announce the establishment of a strategic partnership, combining innovative measurement technology with advanced engineering capabilities. This collaboration aims to pioneer new possibilities in measurement and analysis within the industry.
Shared Vision and Objectives
Mitutoyo and NTET are uniting their respective expertise to leverage each other's strengths to the fullest extent. With Mitutoyo's global reputation as a premier measurement instrument manufacturer and its extensive experience, and NTET's specialized knowledge in measurement outsourcing and reverse engineering, this partnership unlocks the potential to cater to a wide range of customer needs, from enhancing product quality to optimizing manufacturing processes.
Generating Strategic Synergy
Both companies will closely collaborate to maximize synergistic effects, embarking on joint projects that harness NTET's expertise and Mitutoyo's advanced technological capabilities. This convergence promises the development of revolutionary new measurement solutions that have the potential to reshape the market. Moreover, customized services tailored to customer requirements and the establishment of efficient business processes will also be central to our efforts.
Impact on the Industry
This strategic partnership is expected to drive the evolution of precise measurement and innovative analytical techniques in manufacturing and research and development sectors. Mitutoyo and NTET are dedicated to supporting quality improvement and efficiency initiatives, contributing to the advancement of the entire industry as we strive towards a sustainable society.
The new strategic partnership between Mitutoyo and NTET holds the promise of groundbreaking achievements in the fields of measurement and engineering. Leveraging each other's strengths, both companies are poised for further growth and evolution as they look towards the future.
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