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01 November 2023

Mitutoyo Sponsored Kawasaki Frontale Vietnam Soccer School


We are thrilled to announce that Mitutoyo Asia Pacific and Mitutoyo Vietnam have entered into a gold sponsorship agreement with Kawasaki Frontale for the Vietnam Soccer School. As part of this collaboration, both companies will have their logos featured on the uniforms worn by Vietnamese school students.

This partnership marks a significant step in promoting the sports spirit and fostering cultural exchange between Vietnam and Japan. Additionally, it aims to boost the development of Vietnam's young football talent, under the professional training provided by Kawasaki Frontale Football School in Vietnam.


About Kawasaki Frontale

Kawasaki Frontale (川崎フロンターレ, Kawasaki Furontāre) is a renowned professional football club based in Kawasaki, Kanagawa Prefecture, south of Tokyo, Japan.


Mitutoyo's Contribution to Vietnam Soccer School

Mitutoyo takes immense pride in collaborating with Vietnamese organizations and enterprises across various sectors. We are honored to sponsor the Vietnam Soccer School, contributing to the growth of the sports community and enhancing cultural ties between Vietnam and Japan.

In an exciting development, the young talents from Kawasaki Football School recently visited the Mitutoyo factory and showroom, immersing themselves in our products and expertise.

Join us in celebrating this collaboration, uniting our passion for sports and nurturing future football stars!



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