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Product Information

MF series is a standard measuring microscope whereas MF-U series is a universal measuring microscope. They can be equipped with Z-axis motor drive and vision unit to reduce the measurement time in addition.



  • The ultra-high speed AF function has been installed to allow focusing on a surface to be measured at a speed of about one second. Freedom from burdensome focus adjustment even on a workpiece with many asperities allows the operator to perform stress-free measurement, drastically reducing operator's fatigue.
  • The concurrent use of the vision unit as a vision measurement system allows simplified measurement of an edge by merely one click. Moreover, since many data points can be obtained at a time with just one click, this will drastically speed up measurement and reduce data spread compared with the conventional method of "measuring data points one by one with cross hairs". 
  • In order not to change the observing magnification even at low magnification (10x or less) where the objective's precise working distance is difficult to accurately reproduce because of a wide focal depth, this series has adopted the tele-centric optical system that reduces the magnification error due to slight variation in working distance.
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