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Moving Column Surface Roughness Tester

Surftest Extreme SV-M3000CNC

Product Information

Surftest Extreme SV-M3000CNC is a Moving Column Surface Roughness Tester.



  • A CNC Surface Roughness Tester that covers measurement of large/heavy workpieces such as engine blocks, crankshafts, etc. 
  • The X1, Y and Z2 axes have a maximum drive speed of 200mm/s. This permits high-speed positioning that can potentially result in a large increase in the throughput of multiple-profile / multiple workpiece measurement tasks.
  • A highly accurate surface roughness tester featuring column (Z2 axis) CNC drive. This allows comprehensive surface roughness measurement on large and heavy workpieces that cannot otherwise be tested except by using a compact surface roughness tester (handy-type).
  • A large rotary table (option) with a loading capacity of 100kg is available by special order.
  • Measuring force for the Z1-axis detector is selectable from 4mN or 0.75mN.


The following three types of detector are available to suit the intended use.

  1. Standard type (downward facing)
  2. Long type (downward facing, particularly suitable for measurement of deep holes, etc.)
  3. Rotary type (orientation indexable for downward, upward, forward and backward facing.
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